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Mission Statement

Armo & Company, PC was founded on principles it adheres to today, which are based on four areas of commitment: Our clients, Ourselves, Our community, and Our Profession.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide competent, timely service on every engagement we undertake whether it is accounting, auditing, tax compliance and planning, and the varied facets of management consulting. These commitments extend from the smallest emerging business clients to our largest clients.

Armo & Company, PC is also committed to developing ourselves. The foundation of our company is our employees. Our work environment enables our professionals to develop their individual talents to the fullest.

Our firm has a responsibility to enrich the community where we practice our profession and live our lives. We firmly believe in a commitment to community organizations.

Our final commitment is to our profession. We are committed to volunteering to promote and enhance the accounting profession.


We are pleased to share with you the underlying philosophies and ethics by which we conduct our Firm.

The principal objective of our Firm is to perform outstanding service for clients at affordable prices. To achieve this, we will pursue the following goals:

1. To achieve uniformly high-quality work, efficiently performed. "Uniformly" means using the same standards for each service provided regardless of the personnel involved or type and size of clients. "High-quality" indicates commitment and adherence to standards of the profession. We are members of the PCPS/The AICPA Alliance for CPA Firms of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which provides, among other things, for peer review of our quality control policies and procedures. Efficient performance includes timely service by competent professional and support staff.

2. To be available for clients at the Director, Supervisor, and staff levels.

3. To anticipate the needs of the client even though the client may not recognize them, and assist to the best of our ability in solving business problems.

4. To make available new types of services which we are qualified to perform.

5. To perform only those services which the client needs.

6. To complete each engagement in a timely manner.

7. To meet all of our commitments.

The following are among those means which are essential to the attainment of our principal objective - outstanding service for clients:

1. Personnel policies which motivate all employees to exert their best efforts on every assignment and to develop their skills. These policies also encourage our personnel to make a career with the Firm and give them an opportunity to perform at levels of excellence.

2. Challenging work to hold the interest of all personnel.

3. Growth in terms of revenue provided opportunities for advancement.

4. Continued activity in professional and civic affairs thereby retaining our leadership in the profession, attracting outstanding recruits, and maintaining and increasing our technical competence.